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This page is the gateway to access and download the free and open Aeolus science data products

How to download?

1. Web Site Access:

2. FTP Access: ftps://aeolus-ref-addf.eo.esa.int, i.e. by using explicit FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS and using passive mode), with your own EO-SSO credentials.

What is required?

In order to download any products of interest, please login with your own ESA EO-SSO account or create one beforehand (Start registration process).

Do you need help?

Detailed information on the ESA's Wind Earth Explorer Mission, on the relevant Product Format Specifications and data processing algorithms, as well as on data unavailability periods and blacklisted data can be found on the ESA Earth Online Portal.

For more details please refer to the online Help Page.

Note that the full collections of Aeolus products can be searched and browsed but currently only wind products (Baseline B10, B11) are publicly available for downloading. Access to other products are limited to dedicated expert groups. Should you need access to such products, please fill the Data Access request form and send it by e-mail to EOHelp@esa.int.

The access and use of Aeolus products are regulated by the ESA's Data Policy and subject to the acceptance of the specific Terms & Conditions.
Users accessing Aeolus products are intrinsically acknowledging and accepting the above.

Service News

ESA has replaced the Single Sign On with a new Earth Observation Identity and Access Management system.

Existing active users have received an email to activate their new account to be used from now on.

Read more (link to the TTO completion news).