Welcome to the ESA Aeolus Online Dissemination System

Aeolus LogoWelcome to the ESA Aeolus Online Dissemination System.
Aeolus data is organised into different collections.
Mapping of each data type to relevant collection can be found here: Aeolus Collections.

Data Access:

Search and browse the Aeolus products is free and available to any user.

For the time being, data download is only allowed to selected users (Developers, Cal/Val users, etc.) after login.
Specific question about Data Access can be addressed to Info.aeolus-calval@esa.int.
Free and open access to general public will be allowed at a later stage

The "Collections" button (top right) gives access to the Aeolus data.

Data Search:

Three different search mechanisms are provided:

- The Catalogue search allows for both temporal and geographical queries;
- The Tree view navigation allows data structure navigation; it is based on Processing Baseline (if applicable), Year-Month and Day (of sensing or validity).
- The File name search allows product searching by its file name or part of it (using wildcards).


For inquiries relevant to Data Access please write to Info.aeolus-calval@esa.int

For inquiries relevant to Data Interpretation, Data Content, scientific topics please refer to Cal/Val Wiki Page (login needed)

For inquiries relevant to Dissemination System issues please write to aeolus-pdgs-support@esa.int